Review | Vitabella Face Cream

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A few weeks ago I received this little tub of hydrating face cream by 'Vitabella'. I was going to post a review before now, but to my bad luck I came out with a terrible allergic reaction to face paints, therefore had to stop using any products on my face except what the doctor had prescribed. It's finally gone now and I'm back using this cream every day, morning and night. Yippee.

We all know Aloe Vera has just about every benefit you can think of for your skin, which is why I was so excited to try this. I tend to have combination skin, so I was hoping the Aloe Vera would help calm down my occasional oily T zone. And guess what? It did the trick. It was very easy to apply and did not feel thick/clumpy as some moisturisers do. It was very light on the skin, and the unusual smell (I can't put my finger to what it is yet) was actually somewhat satisfying. Within a day my face felt smoother and much healthier. 

Thanks Vitabella for the tester pot.  I'm certainly going to be using this again. It's all natural ingredients as well, which is a bonus. Thumbs up from me!

Why don't you check out their other products? http:/ / Have any of you used their products before? Let me know. Thanks for reading!

                                          Love Alicia x
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