Monday, 14 April 2014

Two posts in one day? Yes, I'm making up time from being absent from blogging.
So, after scrolling through clothes websites all day (instead of revising), I decided to make a wish list of all the things I am wanting/loving right now. Seeing that Pretty Little Thing were also doing a VIP Blogger competition, meant that doing a post on my favourite items of their collections was a chance I couldn't say no to. Here goes..

Cut Out Bralet- £12

Floral Bomber Jacket- £25

White Ripped Mom Jeans- £30

Black Gladiator Sandals- £24

Dina Gold Chain Dangle Earrings- £5

Elisa Gold Lion Chunky Chain Necklace- £10

I love white jeans at the moment, but it's so annoying because I still haven't had the chance to grab a pair. I see my friends walking around with them and my heart just sinks at just how good they look in them! They're great for the summer season and go well with either a casual black jumper for the day time and even some heeled sandals for the night. The ripped effect makes it just that more grungy as well! This floral monochrome bomber jacket is a key statement piece, which would just about go with any plain outfit to add that extra edge. I think it's quite hard to find a nice jacket, that isn't a denim/leather and isn't a massive coat, but this is perfect- I'd definitely wear it over a black maxi! This crop top is so simplistic but the cut makes it look so flattering! People may assume these sandals are a bit of a 'grandma' shoe, but I love how they can be easily slipped on and off for the summer at the beach, with no hassle of laces! 

I picked these earrings to go with this outfit because since I shaved my head back in January, I've found it hard to find some nice earrings that don't look daft. I've got a few big pair of hoops/triangular earrings, but I thought these gold dropped chain earrings are quite different, and would look nice both for the day and night! Also, the chain matches the necklace I have picked out. Need I say anything about this gold chain lion necklace? I don't know why, but I love it! You know when there is just that one item you see and you can't stop staring at it/scrolling back to it? Yep, that was this for me! I just love how it's such a chunky statement piece. Arghh, how can I be in love with a piece of metal!!

What are your thoughts on these pieces I picked out? I am loving Pretty Little Thing recently, and can't wait for more of their summer items to come out! 
Is there any other items you would of picked? 

                                         Love Alicia x
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