Review | The Scrub Of Your Life

Saturday, 22 March 2014

For a few months now I've had this little body scrub (The Scrub Of Your Life) just sat lingering around, waiting for me to crack it open and start scrubbing away! It was only about three weeks ago, after running out of my previous body butter, that I decided to give it ago. And I love it! 

I can't believe it's taken me this long to try it, as I adore Soap and Glory products! I fell in love with their other body butter (Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub) months and months back- the 'maple scent' was so tempting to eat!

Just as it says on the bottle- 'once rough elbows go suddenly silky', oh my so it does! This exfoliator does a tremendous job of removing dead skin whilst moisturising at the same time, leaving your skin so smooth. It manages to keep a good amount of lather and is washed off very easily, without leaving any residue (which can happen with some other brands). 

This body scrub/butter isn't too harsh at all, and the sweet smell is lovely. At only £8, I feel this product is moderately priced, and Boots often advertise their 3 for 2 offers on their Soap and Glory products. I am a sucker for the pink girly packaging too- what more can you want? 

What's your favourite Soap and Glory product? Have you used any of their scrubs before?

                                 Love Alicia x
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Nails Inc. Belvedere Road

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

It's been nearly two weeks since I started this blog, and I do apologise for not posting anything sooner. We've all heard of the acclaimed nail polish brand 'Nails Inc.' before, but it was only till about a year and a half ago I received a bottle as a present and instantly fell in love. I usually use different types of nail polish brands, depending on what colour I'm after or whether there's an offer in my local Boots/Superdrug, but I've recently been loving these!
  Left to Right
Special Effects Farringdon Crackle Topcoat, Special Effects Clapham Crackle Topcoat, Special Effects Fitzroy Square, St James, Buckingham Street, Belvedere Road, Victoria

I always hate it when my nails are worse for wear but I admit it, I'm sometimes guilty of being too lazy to remove my chipped nail varnish. So when I actually get a time to relax and take care of my fingernails, I always have a hard choice picking what colour to use. It usually depends on what mood I'm in on that day, or whether or not I'm going to a party on the night. This is why I'm sharing the little collection of Nails Inc polish I've acquired over the past year- either presents or a cheeky little win on a tombola (lucky I know)! 

Last week I went to a little craft fair in my town, and just as I was leaving I seen the tombola. I've always been quite a lucky person when it comes to things like this. So when I handed my £1 over in return for 5 raffle tickets, hoping to end in '00' for the bottle of Rosé, I sadly missed out. But luckily, on my last ticket, I got a winner! This tombola was different to the ones I've seen before, if you were a winner you could pick any prize(except the alcoholic ones, where you had to have '00'). My mam instantly noticed two unopened Nails Inc polishes sat there, and I quickly grabbed this little beauty before anyone else had a chance.

I just love this metallic royal purple shade, and it's super silky to apply. I've only been wearing it for a day, so I'm not sure how long it's going to last, but the other colours usually stay on for quite sometime for me. I'm still over the moon I bagged this lovely nail polish for only £1, when usually they cost around £11!!

What is your favourite Nails Inc. colour? Have you had any luck when it comes to tombola's? Please let me know. Thank you for following, it's very much appreciated!

Love Alicia x

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