Stressful Week

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hi guys, just a quick post.. I'm very sorry I haven't had the chance to post anything recently, I have been ridiculously stressed with the amount of workload I have at the moment. To all of you taking A Levels (or have done them), you can agree with me it's not good! 

If you ask any of my friends they will tell you I'm typically a stressful person, but lately it's a new level. Right now I am preparing for my practical Drama exam tomorrow, and  I am involved in 'Cats The Musical' at my local theatre, starting tomorrow night until Saturday! Lots and lots of long days and nights have occurred these past few weeks. Hopefully it will be a lot more relaxed this upcoming week, due to the Easter holidays, yey. However, I have got a lot of revision to do- oh what fun!

I will be posting a little review of a face cream I recently got in the post last week. It'll probably be within the next few days/weekend. So keep checking back! Sorry again, but I'll be back in no time!

How do you guys cope with stress? I usually just breakdown, listen to music or go for a jog!! 

                                        Love Alicia x
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